Big bags for agriculture

Container Liner, big bags for fertilizers, sacks with one or two lifting points

Agricultural fertilizer industry primarily packages its products in flexible containers.

The big bags for fertilizers are manufactured to facilitate both filling and emptying - including special design for easier emptying into agricultural fertilizing machinery.

Agriculture bags with a single lifting point are different from the traditional big bags since they are handled via a single grip point or two points also called sleeves or slots.

fertilizer bags Venice

Bags for the agricultural sector

Saccheria Piave srl offers a varied range of products (bags, big bags, sacks, container liners, etc.) and caters to the following clients:


  • Farmers
  • Agricultural industries
  • Industry for the processing of agricultural products intended for food or feed use

Some of the products that we offer:


  • plastic bags, reinforced bags and bags of composite materials
  • canvas and jute bags
  • big bags
  • Big Bags
  • big bags for liquids
  • silos
  • container liner
  • fabrics for the environmental sector

For more information about the different types of bags for the agriculture sector, do not hesitate to contact our staff! We will provide you all the desired you information and propose the right product for your particular need.

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