Big bags and packaging for the food industry

Saccheria Piave srl, with its many years of industry experience, has become a reference point in the wholesale sales of big bags for the food industry.

big bags for food Venezia

Bags and plastic packaging for food

The company offers its clients a full range of bags for the food industry and beyond:


  • flexible plastic containers for packaging of food
  • industrial fabrics PP
  • non-woven industrial fabrics
  • container liners, packing bags
  • high-strength sacks
  • shape-holding bags
  • polypropylene bags
  • raffia bags

Saccheria Piave (Province of Venice) is always dedicated to the creation of technologically advanced big bags.

Packaging and big bags coming out of our plant are the result of painstaking research of production processes and selection of the best materials, always provided by the leading companies in the industry.

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