Ecological big bags for the environmental sector

In order to maintain the beauty and harmony of the earth, man must constantly contribute to protecting it, working for the common good and starting with the little things, because environmental protection depends solely on us. The use of ecological big bags is a conscious choice of paramount importance for the protection of the environment.

For several years the company Saccheria Piave (Province of Venice) has been the trademark of quality and environmental protection: we offer a wide variety of ecological bags which fully satisfy every need of our customers.

big bag for sludge Venice

Saccheria Piave deals with the wholesale of:


  • container liners
  • packing bags
  • high-strength sacks
  • shape-holding bags
  • polypropylene bags
  • single-grip flexible bags for fertilizer or other cargo
  • raffia bags

...we propose biodegradable and environmentally friendly solutions for various production sectors.

Biodegradable and eco-friendly bags

Saccheria Piave has always been synonymous with quality in the production of biodegradable bags: The company has established itself on the market, both for its value-for-money and its careful selection of materials and constant research directed to environmental protection.

Visit our offices or contact Saccheria Piave to learn more about all the products, and specifically our environmental lines.

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